{ pie }

This is not your ordinary apple pie! This pie is { extraordinary }! Oh my delight! I loved the show Pushing Daisies, and was very sad that it only ran for two seasons. Even though the show is no longer on, I’m still a little bit { enamored } with Ned {Lee Pace}, the pie-maker! Anyway, the { adorable } Charlotte Charles {Anna Friel} always specially bakes Apple-Gruyère pie for her aunts Lily and Vivian. Oh, and { cutie } Kristen Chenoweth is also on the show! One day, I thought this pie sounded pretty good, and luckily, so did someone else! I stumbled across this blog: The Rice and Spice Cupboard!

Thankfully, she knew how to make one amazing pie! So, here is my version pre-baked:


and post-baked:


I cheated a little and only refrigerated the crust for an hour and used all butter instead of lard, but it was still quite delightful! Martha Stewart gave me the idea to braid the crust! (Which actually ended up being a bit tough because the dough had warmed and I re-rolled the extras from making the lattice top, but I figured between a tough crust and throwing it away, I’d rather have a pretty pie!) Anyway, The Rice and Spice Cupboard has a { fabulous } blog post, so, check it out!!! She deserves the credit!


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